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Störi Ent. Co. was founded by Fritz Störi senior in 1947 in Switzerland, laying the foundation for our subsequent activities. Since then, we have expanded into the production of innovative woodworking machines, which we have been manufacturing in the Czech Republic since 1995. With decades of experience, we have become one of the leading European manufacturers in the industry.


The company is headquartered in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. We specialize in the production of woodorking machines, such as crosscut saws, complete palletizing technology for the production, processing, and stacking of pallets, and other mechanization. We take pride in being one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of one blade ripsaws in Europe.


We offer a wide range of machines, including complementary equipment such as conveyors and vacuum manipulators. We are not only manufacturers but also providers of comprehensive services and consulting to fully meet the needs of our customers.


We believe that our passion for innovation and our ability to adapt to the individual needs of our customers are what propel us forward. We are here to support your development and look forward to collaborating with you.

We have our own<br>service team

We have our own
service team

We have our own Design and Service Department. Service technicians are at your full disposal, with many years of experience in the field, proficiently familiar with and skilled in operating all machines, and capable of communicating in English, German, Polish, and Russian.

We hold patents<br>for our machines

We hold patents
for our machines

Störi Mantel machines are the result of innovative work and technological advances. Thanks to the company's patented technologies, you can be assured that you are using devices that are not only efficient, but also provide new and revolutionary solutions for your woodworking needs.

We are enhancing<br>operational safety

We are enhancing
operational safety

Everything, from the design to the programming of each machine, takes place under our roof in Rožnov. We understand all in detail, and our priority is to ensure maximum safety through certified technological solutions.

We are replacing<br>heavy physical labor

We are replacing
heavy physical labor

We are able to complement your production with precisely fitting machines to increase your efficiency. In addition to replacing physical labor, this also means synergies between human capabilities and machine performance. Ever since 1995, we have been striving to streamline processes and achieve greater precision, productivity, and efficiency in the woodworking results.

All under one roof

Störi Mantel and its production, service and management, including the development department, are based in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic. We are always here for you.

Come to see our machines with your own eyes. We would be happy to show you our production and provide you with expert advice.

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We develop
the machines ourselves

In our own production facilities we specialize in the design, manufacture, service and sale of a wide range of woodworking equipment. We are proud to be one of Europe's largest manufacturers and exporters of single blade rip saws.

We are very pleased that we succeed in supporting your business with our products and services. And that is our goal for the future as well.

Ing. Pavel Frňka, Director and CEO

We customize the machines
to meet your requirements

Do none of our standardized machines suit your needs, do you require modifications, the creation of a complete woodworking center, or do you have other requirements for a woodworking machine? Contact us. We strive to tailor solutions to your needs and offer efficient solutions to meet your requirements in this regard.

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We have patents
for our technologies

The company invests significant resources in the research and development of new products that bring extensive benefits to customers in the field of machine and precision pallet nailing.


Patent protection is a key element of the company's success on the global market. Unique technological solutions are protected by patents, thanks to the use of linear actuators for nail driving, leading to significant energy savings. The company's innovation strategy is based on the continuous improvement of all Störi Mantel products and ensuring legal protection for new technical solutions.

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into Störi Mantel

Are you interested in our products?

Do you need assistance with selecting a machine or spare part? Do you require service? Or do you have any other questions?

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